Vedic Vaastu Shastra

Vedic Vaastu Shastra


Vaastu Shastra was written by 18 Maharishis including Vishwakarma (Architect of Gods) and Mayasura, who was the father-in-law of Raavana , and was the architect of demons. He constructed a lot of temples in Mexico, so he was called as the Mexican Muni. 


Vaastu Shastra is a Yagna performed by 18 Maharishis out of great compassion, so that everybody can experience the bliss in life which the Maharishis themselves experienced. There are three levels of your Self:


The physical phenomenal level (body)

The psychological level (mind, intellect, memory & ego)

The spiritual level (Self)

Unless we overcome the physical phenomenal level & the psychological level, we cannot enter the domain of spiritual level in the true sense.


If our house has Vaastu faults, our mind, intellect, memory and ego gets stuck up, and we cannot experience the bliss in life, which every human being is longing for. 


The whole Universe is made up of 5 great elements including our body. Developing a new friendly connection with the 5 great elements and the entire cosmos is Vaastu Shastra. This facilitates in clockwise movements of energy in the house which eventually showers bio-rhythm, intellectual synchronicity and natural frequency along with stability, protection, longevity, peace and prosperity. The other benefits of having a Vaastu compliant house are beyond our comprehension.

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