Sri Sri Yoga for Kids

Sri Sri Yoga for Kids

SRI SRI YOGA FOR KIDS! Program is aimed at holistic development of the children with a focus on healthy body and mind. In today’s world where junk food and computer games have become part of children’s daily routine, we offer a program that helps them understand the value of eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy body. Introducing Yoga to kids at an early age gives them an option to pursue it for lifetime. Making Yoga simple with stories and interesting activities helps them learn the postures effortlessly. This in turn, leads to a calmer mind, improved focus on studies, physical well-being and a well-rounded personality.


Practices taught during the Student Program

Yoga with lots of fun and enjoyment

Knowledge through games and stories

Meditation and Pranayam to energize kids

Handling negative emotions

Stress-relief and breathing techniques

Talk on Food & Nutrition


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