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Bring a smile to an underprivileged child by giving them the best gift :

The gift of Education !

If you want to bring long-lasting reforms in any society, education is the way to do so.

That’s why Gift a Smile – our education program for underprivileged children is one of our biggest projects.
Through Art of Living’s 702 free schools all over India, we educate more than 70,000 children from the remotest corners of the country in 22 states. 

Apart from schools and school facilities, we also provide:
  • + Text Books, notebooks, and stationery
  • + School uniforms
  • + School transport
  • + Mid-day meals
  • + Salaries for school teachers and staff
  • + Regular medical checkup and clinic facilities for the students
  • + For more information, you can visit the VVMVP schools website or email:
  • Be a Part of This Project

    It takes only Rs. 15,000/- per year to educate a child which includes education, transport, food, medicals, uniforms, books, and meals.

    Contribute education to 1 child for 1 full year Contribute Mid day meal to 1 child for 1 full year Contribute 2 pairs of uniforms to 1 child for 1 full year Contribute to text books, note books, school bag and stationary of 1 child for 1 full year Support Transportation of 1 child for 1 full year

    In many cultures across the world, food is equated to happiness.
    It’s a grace to receive food – that’s why we are encouraged to express our gratitude before every meal.

    Free Meals at the Ashram Kitchen

    On a regular day, more than 20, 000 free satvik meals are prepared in the ashram kitchen.
    From ashram’s school children to visitors, these nutritious meals are enjoyed by a wide variety of people.
    Before every meal in the ashram, we normally bless the food by saying, 'Annadata Sukhi Bhav'
    which translates to May the food-giver be happy.
    The term Annadata or food-giver includes everyone who is responsible for putting food on your plate – this starts from the farmer who grew the food to the person who served it to you in the kitchen.

    Be An Agent of Joy!

    You too can be a blessing in someone’s life by bringing them the joy of good food.
    Even though our ashram kitchen operates and functions on a mega scale, it runs completely on generous donations from people like you.

    Contribute 5 Meals Contribute 10 Meals Contribute 25 Meals Contribute 50 Meals Contribute 100 Meals

    The Bangalore Ashram was not built in a day.
    Founded in 1986 with just a few tiny dwelling places, a small kitchen, a lovely little mantap, and a meditation hall, it used to be the perfect size to accommodate the visitors, and the volunteers back then.
    Fast forward to 2021, the Ashram has grown in accordance with the hundred thousands of people visiting it every year.
    In fact, every year the influx of visitors to the ashram is near-doubling.

    Why Must the Ashram Grow and Expand?

    To accommodate these growing numbers of visitors, volunteers, and course participants, the ashram must accordingly grow and expand.
    After all, ashram is everyone’s home and home is the place that welcomes all.  

    Be A Part of Ashram’s Development.

    Contribute toward development of the New Yagnashala Construction.

    Contribute INR 5,000/- Contribute INR 10,000/- Contribute INR 15,000/- Contribute INR 25,000/- Contribute INR 50,000/- Contribute INR 1,00,000/- Contribute INR 2,00,000/- Contribute INR 5,00,000/-

    This ashram was created so that people could come here to experience the depth of their being and be able to express it through their lives.

    Over the years, the growth in the number of sadhaks and devotees testifies what people have received by coming here.

    The ashram is not built of bricks and mortar. It stands on the bonds of love that it shares with the millions coming here.

    Some have labored physically, some have lent their skill and expertise and some have contributed by other means,
    but they have all given a piece of themselves in building this place.

    The ashram is a pulsating monument of collective participation in the spirit of service for three decades now and many more to come.

    Contribute INR 1,000/- Contribute INR 2,000/- Contribute INR 5,000/- Contribute INR 10,000/- Contribute INR 25,000/- Contribute INR 50,000/- Contribute INR 1,00,000/-

    Vedic Heritage Schools !

    • The Vedic scriptures are a treasure-house of learning and knowledge which needed to be revived, implemented and handed over to coming generations. And it is for this reason that the Art of Living Vedic heritage school was started by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

    • The school is dedicated to Veda and Agamic studies; it offers 8 year program based on the syllabus prescribed by Karnataka Samskrutha University and has trained 169 students in 8 batches till now. Since 2015 Post graduate studies have also been introduced.

    • Students are taught Veda, Jyotisha Shastra, Sanskrit, supported by one year of internship and training in English, computers, Indian Culture and Heritage, sports and Carnatic vocal music. The present batch consists of 320 students who are taught by highly qualified Veda instructors.

    • The students are provided free education, hostel and library facilities, satvik food, and medical care to students along with free access to Art of Living children and teen courses.

    Contribute towards accomodation and food of 1 child for 1 full year Contribute towards supporting 1 child for 1 full year